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Dove Holes (CofE) Primary school and Peak Dale Primary school Federated in 2018. From January 2022, Taddington and Priestcliffe (CofE) Primary School began collaborating with the Federation. Together we’re a partnership between like-minded schools with excellence at the heart of all that we do.

The schools within the Federation have a passion to support others in developing a holistic and engaging learning experience for all children.

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Our Schools

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Dove Holes CofE Primary School
Executive Headteacher: Mr J Handley

Head of School Mrs N Doughty

Dove Holes C of E Primary School


Dove Holes,



SK17 8BJ


Telephone: 01298 812808


Peak Dale Primary School

Executive Headteacher: Mr J Handley

Head of School Mrs N Doughty

Peak Dale Primary School

School Road,
Peak Dale, 


SK17 8AJ

Telephone: 01298 22695     


Taddington CofE Primary School
Executive Headteacher: Mr J Handley

Head of School Mrs E Chapman

 School Ln, Taddington,



SK17 9TW

Telephone: 01298 85278


About us 

Limestone Peak Federation is based in the heart of the Peak District and was established in 2018. Recently Taddington and Priestcliffe CofE Primary school has begun collaborating with the Federation as a partnership between like-minded partner schools with excellence at the heart of all that we do. Taddington is not formally part of the Federation.

The schools in the Family share the same intention of ensuring every pupil we serve reaches their full potential and have track records of not only working together but providing school to school support across the locality. 

We believe every young person has the right to an excellent education, to feel safe and enjoy stimulating learning that inspires them.  We aim to fully prepare them for the next stage of their life. We are committed to supporting the schools led system and are committed as a group to deeper collaboration. The LSP Federation brings schools together and provides a foundation for further growth by sharing our strengths while maintaining our individual characteristics.

Everyone involved with LSP Federation subscribes to the same core values and moral purpose so that we can best support each other and help our adults to develop alongside our young people. These values are what make Aspire such an exciting organisation to be a part of.


We aspire for all children and adults in our communities to be the best they can be.  Inspiring curricula for our pupils, clear development pathways for our staff and sustainable growth all combine to ensure we all reach our potential.

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We respect the individuality of schools and their communities and always act with integrity.  By allowing high levels of autonomy wherever possible, we are able to nurture personalised approaches to learning and focus on developing holistic people. 


Enjoyment and excitement should be an entitlement for all children and adults working in our federation.  We develop cutting edge, research informed and highly engaging pedagogies that ensure high levels of progress for children and rapid development of staff. 


A school understands its context better than anybody and should be supported to utilise that knowledge in order to remain improvement focussed.   We account for our actions and are outward facing.


Our federation is based on positive relationships and close working across settings. Stakeholders treat each other with respect and work in productive partnerships that work for the greater good of the children.

Our values

Contact Us

School Lane Taddington,


SK17 9Tw

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